Off the record


Check out other James Madison University student DJs.

Ryan Slocum

JMU junior Ryan Slocum describes himself as a “young hip hop or scratch DJ.” While Slocum does have a digital set up in addition to vinyl, scratching records is his true passion. “I get inspiration and learn a lot from records. I wanted to learn in a similar way to the DJs that influence me,” said Slocum. Although Slocum admits he has a long way to go, the DJ-of-three-years is well received by the JMU community. “Many people appreciate the way I do things and reach out to me for gigs so I think that’s a good sign.” Keep your eyes and ears open for this old-school newcomer.


Figz N Twigz

While brand new to the DJ scene, Ross Figlerski and Tyler Van Parys – Figz N Twigz – are making quite the splash. With a weekly radio show on student-run radio station WXJM and constant house party gigs, the duo gets better by the minute. To be honest, Ross is the technique, “ said Van Parys, a JMU senior and Figlerski’s MC. “He’s the engineer, he’s the whole brains of the operation. I like to think that I’m the soul, maybe the heart in some matters. That’s why we work well together.”