Why Craft Beer?


Every time I step up to a bar, I scan the tap handles to see what’s around. There’s always the familiar Bud light and Blue Moon and others that you no doubt can name. But, sometimes, something else catches my eye. Something new. Something different.

I choose craft beer to appreciate the art and science that goes into the brewing process. I choose craft beer to meet awesome brewers in a family-style industry. And I choose craft beer because it simply has more to offer me than just alcohol; it’s an experience. Everyone has their hobby to retreat to, something that grows with them as they mature. Mine just so happens to be beer.


To me, beer is like music. Sometimes, all you want to hear is a really solid pump-up song. A song that gets you going, whether you’re driving alone, with friends, about to go to a party — whatever it may be. Sometimes, all you want is the generic songs on pop radio that get stuck in your head, regardless if it sounds like any artist could sing them the exact same way. Those are the Bud Light, Coors Light and Miller Lights of the world. They have their moments and their place, and I drink them fairly often. But sometimes I want to listen to a song where I can really connect with the lyrics, where I can feel something. I want more than generic, more than what’s catchy or popular. I want craft beer.