Graffiti Culture


I’m going to speak my mind, so this won’t take very long. Despite what some people say, graffiti isn’t the lowest form of art (although in order to participate, you may have to creep around at night and lie to your conservative college roommates). It’s actually one of the more honest art forms available.

There’s no elitism, there’s no hype and no one’s ever deprived of seeing it since it isn’t cooped up in some stodgy, old art museum.

It’s self-expression in the purest light that today’s society can provide. It spans cultures and continents, and yet people pay little to no real attention to it.

The city of Harrisonburg is no exception to this. We’re surrounded by graffiti. In fact, there’s a small, but stubborn, graffiti culture that’s hardly realized by the casual citizen.

Sure, some of it’s straight up vandalism. However, art can also be found — art in its rawest form, pushed into the crummy corners of society.

This is meant to give Harrisonburg graffiti a much-deserved nod and propel it toward a perhaps less crappy future.