Dear readers,

We are excited to share the 2016 issue of 22807 Magazine.

As we began the journey of curating content and contemplating design ideas for this issue, we came to a realization: It’s become almost a common practice to distinguish between James Madison University and Harrisonburg, treating the two as separate entities forced to coexist.

While the 22807 ZIP code only physically encompasses the JMU campus, JMU community members are often also Harrisonburg residents, occupying the surrounding city that has 22807 as its hub. Thus, students, faculty and residents develop an attachment to the city they’ve called home for any amount of time. Strictly Harrisonburg residents often feel a deep sense of pride for and dedication to the university.

With this in mind, we set out to find stories that simultaneously highlight the best aspects of JMU and Harrisonburg and intertwined them in a way never done before. All of our content seeks out connections between our university and city, illuminating offbeat stories that more conventional publications in the area sometimes overlook and ignore. We are thankful to the articles’ subjects for allowing us to tell their stories and so proud of our staff for the hard work they put into finding and telling these tales.

From the famous puppy farm, to JMU’s hidden gems, a downtown love story, the intricacies of trivia nights and the beauty and crisp beverages on Route 151, this is 22807.

It’s where you are.

Maddy and Brie